How It Works

Peblla is a turnkey marketing and sales solution purposefully built for independent restaurants.

Get new customers

Take “word of mouth” marketing to a whole new level, systematically reach new customers through referral programs, local influencers, and customer-generated contents.

Sell more to existing customers

Turn your casual customers into an engaging fan community through loyalty programs and social engagements.

Turnkey solution

It’s an all-in-one solution that comes with a branded mobile app, ordering website, configurable loyalty programs, in-store POS, delivery platform integration, social media marketing tools, and more, all ready to use on day one.

Easy to use

Designed with busy independent restaurant owners and managers in mind. You don’t need to hire a marketing agency or IT team.

Keep your data

Your customer data is yours to keep. No tricks.

About Peblla

Competition for restaurant customers has moved online due to consumer behavior changes. Independent restaurants are struggling with capturing online traffic and converting it to repeat sales because they don’t have the necessary tools.

Peblla is committed to empower restaurants to win customer loyalty and boost not only revenues but profits as well. We provide a turnkey solution, including a branded mobile app, for forward-looking restaurants to meet and engage their fan communities online.

How Peblla Helps

Your basic monthly info
When Peblla increases your revenue by 10% & the re-purchase rate by 10%
Profit Margin
Increases by
Net Profit
Which Means Your Profit Increases

Contact us if you are a restaurant looking for a turnkey solution to build a loyal fan community and significantly boost your profit.

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